The Sims 4: Growing Together expansion gets a new trailer all about Family dynamics

This is the pack that might finally break up Bob and Eliza Pancakes for good.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Sims 4: Growing Together just got a new in-depth trailer, which gives fans a look at just how much this game expansion will change their sims families’ lives. Every The Sims 4 game expansion brings new ways to play the game. In Laundry Day Stuff, laundering became a brand new chore to keep track of. Snowy Escape was all about snowboarding, mountain climbing, and relationship milestones. When it comes to Growing Together, the new game features new ways for your sim families to bond. That, or to clash just like real families do.

One of the biggest changes that Growing Together brings with it is the family dynamics tab. Here, you can set what kind of dynamic two familial Sims will have. You can find it around the same place where you choose if Sims are siblings, spouses, parents, kids, etc. You can now purposefully say that a couple has a very jokester-y relationship, or that a mother and child are very close. You can also tell the game that their dynamic is difficult, which will cause the Sims to have more conflict.

The way your Sims treat each other will also be affected by their “social compatibility.” This new metric in The Sims 4 will calculate two Sims’ compatibility based on their likes, interests, and mutual milestones. If they both like gardening, the color green, and have made happy memories together, they will be more compatible. But if one likes pink and the other hates it, or they’re holding grudges against one another, their social compatibility will be very low. This means that even pre-existing families can have a bit more organic conflict. Before, conflict mostly just existed in our own prompt choices or in their flavor text descriptions. Now, The Sims 4 classic townies like twins Angela and Lilith will actually have nothing in common and fight about it more. Bob and Eliza Pancakes, a famously non-compatible couple, will be in constant conflict between Eliza’s snobbish nature and Bob’s laziness. The Growing Together expansion adds a lot of spice to your Sims’ family dynamics in a natural, entertaining way.

The Growing Together expansion comes to The Sims 4 on March 16.