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Build a better family this March in The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion pack

Strap on your bike helmet and your baby carrier — it's time for a family adventure.

Family-focused simmers are about to hit the Expansion pack jackpot, because in a little over a month, they can buy the newest The Sims 4 expansion pack: Growing Together. On the heels of the infant update announcement a few days ago, this March will be all about generational growth. From babies to elders, every sim can build stronger, better bonds with their loved ones.

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According to an official reveal trailer, The Sims 4 Growing Together expansion pack will come out on March 16, only two days after the infant update release. This expansion pack will include activities for all ages, from board games and puzzles to elaborate tree houses. Even your sims’ interactions will become more rich, with new ways for sims siblings to show affection and more ways for adults to bond with their kids. Whether it’s a day at the water park or a sleepover in the living room, family gameplay becomes all the richer in Growing Together. For old-school simmers, this pack is very reminiscent of The Sims 3 Generation pack, a fan-favorite.

In a Sims Community leak from the German version of the game, fans found out that the world is called San Sequoia, and the lovely family featured in the reveal trailer is The Michaelesons, a large and loving inter-generational home. This leak also shared information not seen in the reveal trailer, such as the addition of mid-life crises, changing personality traits, instant chemistry, and family bonding moments that can make or break your family dynamics. Like other expansion packs take inspiration from real cities, San Sequoia is likely modeled on other sea-side-towns-turned-bustling-cities, like Baltimore or Seattle.

After the High School Years expansion pack and the positive reaction to it, it’s natural that EA leaned even harder into appealing to family-oriented players. With Growing Together and the infant update incoming, it sounds like March will be the perfect time to start up another legacy challenge with a bigger and better family.

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