The Sword Pokémon Aegislash has been datamined in Pokémon Unite

The next battle pass for the game will be western-themed.

Image via the Pokémon Company

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus isn’t the only Pokémon game that suffered from leaks. Twitter user @ElChicoEevee has shared several new images that were datamined in Pokémon Unite, the mobile MOBA title developed by TiMi Studio. Unite has gone through some maintenance with the launch of Trevenant in the game, and dataminers discovered new content that was added.

The dataminer has revealed that the hidden content contains the next battle pass, which will be western-themed. The leaks also show that the sword and shield Pokémon (not to be confused with the games, Sword and Shield) Aeigislash will be coming to the game.

Aegislash is the steel and ghost-type Pokémon first introduced in Pokémon X and Y. It’s a unique Pokémon that can switch “stances” — one stance is more defensive while the other is more offensive. According to the latest leak, Aegislash is labeled as an All-Rounder Pokémon and appears to use moves like Iron Defense, King’s Shield, and Sacred Sword.

New Holowear — costumes for the playable Pokémon — were also leaked. Pokémon like Pikachu, Charizard, Gardevoir, Tsareena, Slowpoke, Absol, Zeraora, and Trevenant will be receiving new outfits. Most noteworthy costumes include Charizard’s new samurai armor and Zeraora’s sheriff suit.

TiMi Studios has not responded to the leaks, and there has been no release date for any of the content discovered through the datamines.