The Tetris movie’s first image surfaces, because that’s a thing that’s somehow happening

However, the film is not what you think.

Tetris 99

Image via Nintendo

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Apple TV+ released a preview video for its upcoming programming, including giving viewers a first look at the Tetris movie. For clarification, the Tetris movie isn’t a straight adaptation of the Tetris game; instead, it is a biographical film about the legal battle to secure the intellectual property rights for the original Tetris video game. The Tetris motion picture will be distributed by Apple Studios and released exclusively on Apple TV+. The film covers the infamous title’s complicated rights issues due to the fact it was created in the Soviet Union.

The Apple TV+ preview gives viewers the first good look at lead actor Taron Egerton as Henk Rogers, a Dutch designer who secure the rights to distribute the Tetris video game. Egerton is a famous Welch Actor known for his roles in the Kingsman films and Rocketman. Russian actor Nikita Yefremov portrays Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of Tetris. The rest of the cast includes Toby Jones, Roger Allam, Anthony Boyle, Togo Igawa, and Ken Yamamura as Minoru Arakawa, the first President of Nintendo of America.

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While many who hear about a Tetris film would assume it would have to do with the game’s iconic blocks and shapes, Apple’s Tetris is going with a more grounded approach. Expect more courtroom scenes, dramatic performances between two characters over the meaning of Tetris, details about the then ongoing cold war between the USA and the Soviet Union, and Tetris’ complex relationship with its point of origin.

Don’t expect a high-stake, action-adventure film where fictional characters have to somehow use four-square shapes to save the world. That type of movie may still get made one day, though; there were rumors from a few years back of turning the Tetris brand into a series of sci-fi epics. However, no word on those films ever moving past development has ever been revealed, so for now, the Tetris biography is all we’re going to get. Hopefully, the film will live up to the legacy of the iconic game.