The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game slashes onto consoles with official release date trailer, beta test

The Sawyers are making a comeback.

Image via Gun Interactive

Asymmetrical horror games have been all the rage for a while since the release of games like Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight. While not all of them have slashed their way into fans’ hearts, some have stood the test of time and continue to be popular to this day. The next horror craze to make its way to console and PC is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Inspired by true events, movies, and books, the new horror game will have survivors fight against Bubba and his family to escape their cannibalistic home.

The asymmetrical horror title received another trailer today that finally gives fans a release date for the game. Players can expect to square off against the Sawyer family on August 18, only five months from now. While the release is still a while off, fans will be happy to know that they can join in on a technical test that is happening on May 25. There aren’t many details about the test now but you can wishlist the game on Steam as well as on the Xbox and PlayStation marketplaces. You can also follow Sumo Digital’s official Twitter page for more information as it becomes available.

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The game, which is inspired by the infamous Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies and the real-life event, is sure to be much like the Friday the 13th game that was also published by Gun Interactive. The game appears to feature some of the same elements including being able to hide from the killer as well as solve puzzles to earn your freedom. As Leatherface, your goal is to take out all the survivors before they are able to escape your home. Until more information is revealed, you can also have fun playing as Bubba in Dead by Daylight.