Hang up your meat hooks, Leatherface isn’t leaving Dead by Daylight any time soon

He is keeping that same cheery face.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

After recent rumors that Leatherface, also referred to as The Cannibal, was about to be taken away from Dead by Daylight, developer Behaviour Interactive has responded to the community letting everyone know that this killer isn’t going to let you off that easy. The following tweet shows him after recently putting the social team’s “beloved” Dwelf, that’s Survivor Dwight in a Christmas elf costume, on a hook for sacrificing to The Entity accompanied by the words, “Y’all, he’s not going anywhere.”

If you have any other further questions about whether or not Leatherface is staying in the game, Behaviour reached out to us directly following our report on the rumor that he was leaving with the following statement:

Thank you for taking the time to address the rumors about Leatherface leaving our game. I am glad to share with you that The Cannibal is indeed staying a part of the Dead by Daylight Experience.

The Cannibal isn’t the only Killer in Dead by Daylight who has had licensing questions raise eyebrows about their availability in the game. The Demogorgon, Nancy, and Steve from Stranger Things were removed and have had many people questioning if they will ever return. While you cannot currently purchase them, anyone who previously owned them can still play them in-game.

With the incoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre game set to release at some point this year, we imagine that rumors started flowing because people were wondering if the new game would want to lend its star character to a game that some would think would be competing with it. If that were true, this could cause problems for Dead by Daylight to renew their license. However, that is not the case, and there is no indication that Leatherface or any of the game’s other iconic Killers are set to be taken away in the near future.

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When you have a game filled with many licensed characters, these rumors are sure to pop up. Behaviour Interactive would post a message to their players directly to let them know if they were ever losing a character.