The Verdansk map in Call of Duty: Warzone has been nuked

It’s time for a fresh start.

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Image via Activision

Today’s live event in Call of Duty: Warzone kicked off today at 3 PM ET, and ended with the destruction of the game’s map, Verdansk. Any player that died during the live event match returned as a zombie, forcing the final players to not only survive the impending horde of zombies but battle it out against other players. Ultimately, with so many zombies, drastic measures had to be taken.

Even if any players were still left alive on the map, a cutscene played, indicating that Verdansk was no longer considered safe. To ensure the zombie threat was properly dealt with, an inbound nuke went to Verdansk and landed at the center of the city, detonating and wiping out any living, and undead, thing left in the city.

Everyone who participated in a match for this live event received a Containment Protocol calling card for their profile as a part of The Destruction of Verdansk Part 1. We’re guessing more parts will be releasing later today as the Call of Duty: Warzone twitter page has shared a series of ominous times.

This was only the first of four events set to occur from April 21 and 22, alongside the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3. No direct details have been shared yet, leaving eager players to jump in for themselves to find out what’s going on, or to check out a reliable Twitch streamer broadcasting their experience of the game.

Players who were not able to attend the initial event when it launched still have the chance to experience it. The queues have been all over the place leading up to it, so we wish you the best of luck trying to jump into a game. We’ve had a lot of trouble connecting to the Call of Duty: Warzone servers.