This week in Red Dead Online: bonuses for almost everyone

There are also plenty of discounts on clothes and gear to check out this week.

Image via Rockstar

Each week, Rockstar rolls out a new bunch of offers for Red Dead Online players. They’re little gifts meant to keep players coming back with the promise of more equipment for less or, at the very least, more XP for the same amount of work. This week, everyone should find some kind of benefit, as almost every role receives bonuses to cash or XP payouts. The lone exception being traders, who should begin considering other lines of work.

There is some good news for anyone that logs in to Red Dead Online this week though. Regardless of what you do in the west, you’ll be getting some extra supplies. This week, everyone gets a care package of five gun oils, three wild carrots, two potent health cures, five special horse revivers, and three chocolate bars.

The role-specific bonuses this week are admittedly much more exciting. Naturalists can rack in some serious cash this week by selling Black-Tailed Jackrabbit samples. These sales will result in triple the RDO$ and triple the Naturalist XP players would usually receive. Black-Tailed Jackrabbits are incredibly common critters that can be found across the west, so keep an eye out, and make sure you’re using tranquilizer rounds in your varmint rifle.

Bounty hunters better posse up, because this could be a big week. These players can expect an extra 50% bonus on cash for all bounties, including those of the legendary and infamous natures. Once you get to the more difficult legendary bounties, this bonus could add up to some huge payouts. Sadly, players won’t be getting any additional bounty hunter XP this week. That being said, if you’re above rank five in the bounty hunter role, you’ll be getting an offer for half off the Navy Revolver, a not half-bad piece.

Collector’s also have something to look forward to. This week, keep a special lookout for eggs, as completing the weekly egg hunt collection for Madam Nazar will earn you an extra 50% cash bonus on the payout. Likewise, if you compete in the Condor Egg Free Roam Event this week, you’ll earn an offer for 40% off a novice or promising collector item.

There are also a number of discounted items for players to pick up from the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. catalogue this week. Past the stylish western garb, players can pick up some pretty essential gear. Both the bounty hunter’s license and collector’s bag are five gold bars off, and there are numerous discounts on items across each role. If you’ve been saving up for that bounty wagon, now’s the time to pick it up at 40% off.