THQ Nordic Acquires Warhorse Studios


THQ Nordic is acquiring Prague based Warhorse Studios, the developers behind created the highly realistic medieval video game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

The acquisition means all of Warhorse Studios’ intellectual properties go to THQ Nordic. However, it’s unknown if Warhorse Studios is working on anything else outside of Kingdome Come, at this time.

“Becoming part of THQ Nordic family is an important milestone for our studio,” said Martin Fryvaldsky, CEO of Warhorse Studios. “We began as a small start-up with a handful of employees who were enthusiastic enough to join this challenging project. The skills of our team members, trust and support of our main investor and passion of our fans, who supported development of Kingdom Come: Deliverance through a Kickstarter campaign, helped us grow to an international level.”

When Kingdom Come: Deliverance first launched, there were several issues and bugs, but those were steadily ironed out. Despite these problems, several critics gave the game praise for making it feel like an authentic experience.

If Warhorse Studios had something else in their pipeline or would like to generate a brand new IP, with THQ at their back, they may have far more flexibility.