Kingdom Come Deliverance Sequel “Would Make Sense,” Warhorse Studios Says

According to Warhorse Studios, “it would make sense” that the acclaimed yet much controversial Kingdom Come Deliverance would have a sequel anytime soon after the original game gets feature and content complete.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Sequel

“Then, of course, it would make sense to continue with the story of Henry in some way, but we’ll see about that,” Tobias Stolz-Zwilling told “First we need to take care of Kingdom Come. We love it, that’s why we add so much new gameplay […] There’s a lot of stuff coming, we would like to keep it alive.”

Stolz-Swilling provided few details about where the game is going, setting up a roadmap that will be followed probably up until next year and will be over with the launch of a Game of the Year Edition complete with all the additional content released thus far.

The incoming From the Ashes DLC will allow you to build your own village and is reportedly adding 20 hours of gameplay. It’ll be followed by other two story-based add-ons, which should take around 10 hours to complete, and then A Woman’s Lot, the DLC that lets you play as Theresa, will end the post launch route of the title in 2019.

It’ll be interesting to see where the game heads if and once it grows into a franchise in a couple years. Would you like to see a sequel to Kingdom Come Deliverance, and if yes, what would you change based upon the experience with the original game?

Source: GameReactor