Kingdom Come Deliverance Creative Director Debunks Reports of Steam Userbase’s “Dramatic Drop”


Reports have recently detailed the ‘dramatic’ situation of the userbase of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which has had a 95% drop in the amount of players since the week of the original launch on Steam for PC.

Daniel Vavra, studio head at developer Warhorse, has provided a comment to such report on Twitter, claiming that there is nothing as “dramatic” as it was originally revealed and that this behavior of the userbase is nothing more than “normal.”

Kingdom Come Deliverance Dev Comments On Dramatic Steam UserBase Decline

“There is an article about “dramatic drop” of concurrent KCD players by 95% to 3500 average in last couple weeks. Let’s do a little fact check. It’s not dramatic, its normal. It’s not 3500, it was above 5000 two days ago, 7000 two weeks ago. So it’s not 95%. Plus they got my name wrong,” he claims on Twitter.

“In other words, we outperformed much more famous franchises and the graph of daily concurrent players looks almost identical to other single player games. So go home, nothing to see here”.

Looking at the graphic, it looks like Vavra is right, and while it’s impressive to see the game go as down as it has in just a matter of few weeks, it’s clear that for a single-player title it’s something the makers at least would expect.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. According to Gfk charts, it has achieved to be #1 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, England, Sweden, and BeNeLux, and was a bestseller in Australia/New Zealand, on all the platforms during its first week, from February 13.