Too much demand means Valorant players are struggling to get the Duality Player Card

The servers were not prepared to defend.

It would appear that the demand for the Duality Player Card in Valorant has caused the relevant servers that host a website need to visit to get it to curl up and die. A new trailer called Duality premiered during the Champions Tour Masters Two Reykjavik grand finals as a surprise treat for fans. The trailer features Killjoy, Viper, and Phoenix as they try to prevent an alternate Phoenix from carrying out their plan.

At the same time, Riot announced the Duality Player Card would be available through the Valorant redemption site. Unfortunately for everyone, the site appears to have gone down, and has been pretty much since the Duality Player Card was annouced. Anyone who attempts to visit the site now just gets a long wait, a 503 error, or a complete lack of any response at all.

While this is great in a way, as it shows how invested Valorant’s ever-growing community is in the game and the live competition that was held in Reykjavik, it’s also a shame that so many people are trying to get the card and can’t. Riot hasn’t actually said anything about this at all, simply removing the original tweet that announced the card.

Where it gets interesting is that the code redemption was only supposed to work for 48 hours, but the majority of people who have tried to get the card have no been able to. We assume that Riot will be extended this availability and getting the site up and running as quickly as possible, and will keep you updated with any more news as it happens.