TotK Player Convinced Link Will Be Launched Into Space in BotW 3

Let’s circle back to this in 6 years.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo has never shied away from foreshadowing where their franchises will go next. And as much as players like to speculate that Tears of the Kingdom is The Legend of Zelda’s swan song, it’s unlikely we have seen the last of it yet.

A dedicated player of The Legend of Zelda has put forth an out-of-this-world theory about where this “trilogy” could go. ToK was a much-anticipated game that was a result of 12 years of continuous development. Hopefully, according to this theory, we won’t have to wait that long to witness Link’s epic journey into the vastness of space.

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Will The Next Zelda Take Place in Space?

The theory stems from a peculiar cutscene in Breath of the Wild, where the defeated Master Kohga mysteriously disappears into the depths of a chasm behind the Yiga Hideout. In Tears of the Kingdom, he returns to the underground world, only to be launched into space upon defeat. Theorist u/avalonalessi proposes a catastrophic event that floods Hyrule, turning it into an ocean while introducing outer space into the game for the first time. A grand space battle is envisioned where Master Kohga meets his final demise.

While some may dismiss this theory as far-fetched, others find it intriguingly plausible. After all, Tears of the Kingdom has already shown sky exploration, leaving the underground world a well-kept secret until launch. Could this open the doors to an unprecedented introduction of outer space in The Legend of Zelda franchise?

Fans have been quick to share their reactions to this cosmic theory. One fan exclaimed, “He lands on the moon, attaches a Zonai rocket to it, and boom… the trilogy is complete!” While it may sound like pure lunacy, pun intended, the intriguing nature of this theory cannot be easily dismissed. We’ll have to wait patiently for 6 years to determine if this imaginative vision will become a reality.

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In the whimsical realm of Nintendo, anything is possible. And who knows, maybe in Breath of the Wild 3, Link will save Hyrule and become the galaxy’s hero. Fingers crossed for cool, astronaut-like gear.