Treasure chest in Kingdom Hearts hotel room may contain hint about series’ future

It’s a secret until April.

Image via Square Enix and Disney

Square Enix never ceases to one-up itself with its ridiculous Kingdom Hearts promos. Fans staying in a Kingdom Hearts-themed hotel room at Tokyo Disney think that a treasure chest inside the room may contain an item or items that hold the key to the series’ future.

Last year, Tokyo Disney announced that it would be turning one of its hotel rooms into a Kingdom Hearts-themed room to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Disney-Square Enix crossover series. According to Resetera user Desma, the company originally advertised that the room would have a chest containing a special item for fans to open during their stay, but that special item may be a hint of the future of the series’ plot.

Kingdom Hearts fan and Twitter user aitaikimochi shared pictures of the hotel room’s decorations that she took during their stay, including the framed posters, the sheets of Sora and Kairi on both beds, and the stained glass round table of Sora’s Station of Awakening. Unfortunately, photos of the item(s) inside the chest are under embargo until April 28, but at least they were able to give the community a grand tour inside the Kingdom Hearts hotel room.

As mentioned, Aitaikimochi wasn’t able to show off what she found inside the chest per the embargo. However, they managed to give a detailed description of what it looks like.

They said that the chest has a copy of the Oathkeeper Keyblade the size of the Oathkeeper hotel room key, but with some modifications. First off, Kairi’s charm attached to the Oathkeeper is blue on both sides instead of blue and yellow as seen in the games. Secondly, the center of the charm has a gold circle and does not have Sora’s etched into it. Other than that, the rest of the colors of the Oathkeeper remain the same.

The meaning of those modifications is unknown, and the Oathkeeper’s new design will remain a secret for the next three months. Until then, fans can play the demo for the cloud version of the Kingdom Hearts series on the Nintendo Switch — if they can overcome the glitches, that is.