Tribes of Midgard mid-saga one update brings Fenrir variant and Valhalloween event

Shake things up halfway through Saga One.

Image via Norsfell Games

The mid-saga one update for Tribes of Midgard will be shaking things up with an upcoming saga boss Fenrir variant, along with a festive Valhalloween event. The mid-season update arrives on October 5, but Valhalloween will arrive a few days later, on October 12.

For players who have been regularly withstanding the might of Ragnarök and making it to the saga boss, you can look forward to a new challenge with Fenrir receiving an updated variant. While we have no details on the variant, we imagine it will come with unique resistances, forcing players to rethink their favorite weapons and what they like using in the fight. This variant will be available on October 5, alongside new challenges, starter kits, and runes. The roadmap also teases a combat and blessing update.

Image via Norsfell

Valhalloween will be the Viking version of Halloween, celebrating from October 12 to November 1. The end date of the event could hint at the arrival of Saga Two. Unfortunately, we don’t have any details on how the event is going to work. Still, we’re looking forward to seeing if any decorations are added or even if enemies receive a minor appearance change to get into the spirit.

Tribes of Midgard has been off to an excellent start, with over 750,000 people playing the game three weeks after the game launched on July 27. We’ve been greatly enjoying our time with the game, and you can find our thoughts here about the Norse-inspired team-based survival game in our review and how the developers created the game’s iconic language, High Midgardian.

The mid-saga update will be free for every Tribes of Midgard player on October 5.