Trophy hunters can’t get the platinum in Atomic Heart due to glitched Trophies

Plati-not for you.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Even after testing the game with the latest patch installed, PlayStation players can’t get the platinum Trophy in Atomic Heart. This issue is caused by glitched Trophies mostly linked to in-game collectibles as well as a few tough Trophies undermining the effort players are putting in.

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Trophy hunters on PSNProfiles claim that you should be able to get the Platinum Trophy in Atomic Heart in around 20 hours. However, a handful of glitched Trophies are preventing them from doing so, making all the hard work players are putting in irrelevant.

At the time of writing, the Clean-up, More Than Profit, and Explorer Trophies can’t pop because of a door that won’t open at the end of Testing Ground 10. The Trophy Atomic Heart also doesn’t work, meaning every Hardcore Mode playthrough is for nothing. The Necromancer, a Trophy you get for speaking to all the dead people, doesn’t work, and neither does Scanner, a Trophy awarded for scanning every creature and robot in the game. Burning Ears should drop when players collect every Chriper, but it doesn’t, and Lord of War asks you to craft 14 weapons, resulting in no Trophy for anyone because there are only 12.

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Trophies are great fun to collect, and in a game as challenging as Atomic Heart, earning the platinum is a great feat you can show off to friends and strangers on the internet. However, games become much less exciting when they’re outright broken, and Atomic Heart certainly is for platinum hunters. Putting in the effort just to complete the game on Hardcore Mode, where you can die from a single hit, only to miss out on the Trophy, must be so disheartening.

Developer Mundfish has been pushing out patches for Atomic Heart very quickly, with a day-one patch fixing several issues and yesterday’s patch adding even more fixes. However, it appears as though the game is still quite buggy in certain areas, some of which are the most important for specific groups of players, such as platinum hunters.

Mundfish clearly has quite a lot on its plate, though, especially after a Ukrainian official asked a few companies to remove the game from sale in the country and told westerners to question where the money from sales is going. At the time of writing, it’s still impossible to get onto the developer’s website, though this may be an effort to block incoming messages so the team can focus on making more patches for Atomic Heart.