Ubisoft announces Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Collector’s Case

Only 7000 copies are available worldwide.


Image via Ubisoft

Alongside today’s reveal of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crystal Guard, Ubisoft has also unveiled the Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Collector’s Case. This is a special physical collector’s box filled with exclusive items for those fans who want some physical memorabilia based on the Year 6 content to date.

The Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Collector’s Case contains the following physical items.

  • An official 1:2 ratio replica of Sledge’s hammer inspired by the the version seen in Rainbow Six Siege
  • Tachanka Sparkle Chibi figurine
  • Three exclusive lithographs
  • An embroidered cloth patch
  • An IQ keyring
  • A certificate of authenticity snumbering each copy sold

The case also contains the following digital items for use in-game.

  • Tachanka Sparkle Chibi charm inspired by the Rainbow is Magic event
  • Tachanka Sparkle Bundle which includes all of Tachanka’s infamous pink skins from the Rainbow is Magic event
  • Early access to the Zero Platinized Bundle and Iana Byte Set
  • Cramoisi weapon skin for the MP5, Ombre weapon skin for the SG-CQB, and the Extravagance for the D-50
  • A unique weapon skin for Sledge’s hammer

With Sledge’s incredible hammer replica aside, this collector’s vase doubles down on what fans have enjoyed the most in Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 so far. The Rainbow is Magic event drew in every player thanks to the outrageous cosmetics. However, the real draw of this collector’s edition is the numbered certificate, showing that it’s part of a limited set that may grow in value over time.

The Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Collector’s Case is available for preorder on Ubisoft’s store right now. It’s expected to start shipping in Fall this year. With a hammer that big in the box, it’s going to be a package you notice when it arrives.