Ubisoft Announces The Division 3 in the Most Lackluster Way Possible

The announcement comes via job related tweet that’s not even directly about the game.


Image via Ubisoft

In what could arguably be one of the most deflated ways to announce a new game in a series, Ubisoft has revealed that The Division 3 is coming thanks to a tweet announcing Julian Gerighty’s new role at the company. The tweet sees Ubisoft mention the game’s existence in a passing remark as they announce Gerighty’s new position as Executive Producer for the series, and it’s honestly about as unexciting as a reveal can get.

New Entry to Looter Shooter Franchise Announced in Rather Bland Tweet

Image via Ubisoft

The announcement of Division 3 is about as tepid as you can get, as the reveal doesn’t come from an official X account of the series or have any visuals or a trailer to help build hype and showcase the game. Instead, it’s a single sentence mentioned in a tweet on the Ubisoft-owned Massive Entertainment X account about Julian Gerighty, the creative director of Star Wars Outlaws, being appointed to Executive Producer of The Division brand.

The tweet and accompanying article from Ubisoft details that Massive Entertainment will be leading development on the next installment of the series and that Gerighty is currently working on putting together a team to begin work on the title. In the article, Gerighty states, “The Division is still in its early years as a franchise. There are so many incredible stories to tell, places to explore and people to protect. “He also stresses that each new “expression of The Division needs to be of the highest quality,” and that with the series, they want to “the quality bar consistently forward.”

With the wording of the article and tweet, it seems like the game is a very long way from getting into player’s hands, as the team is still being formed. However, for fans of the series it will be a pleasant surprise. That said, they could have done a better job of revealing this news, or maybe held the game’s reveal for an event.

Massive Entertainment is currently very busy with multiple projects in the works, including Star Wars Outlaws and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, and The Division has a few other projects in the works too, including the free-to-play mobile game The Division Heartlands and The Division Resurgence on the way. By all appearances, the company is putting a lot of time into the series, so we’ll need to wait and see how these new titles are received. Maybe they will do a proper reveal in the future too, and give the game a real showcase.