Ubisoft launching Riders Republic free trial week on all platforms

You can even carry progress over.

Riders Republic

Image via Ubisoft

While last week saw a PC-exclusive free trial day, Riders Republic is rolling out a free trial week across all platforms. Running from October 21 at 9 AM CEST (3 AM ET) to October 27 at 9 AM CEST (3 AM ET), players have access to the entire game. Playtime is limited to four hours, but players are able to access any content within that window. Any progress from the free trial week carries over into the final game provided the same Ubisoft Connect account is used.

Additionally, the free trial week features a competition entitled the Mad Challenge. This gives players the opportunity to earn a Riders Republic branded bike and the game’s Gold Edition, which includes the first year’s worth of content.

To participate in the Mad Challenge, players can sign up online with a valid Ubisoft Connect account. The challenge involves placing in the top 10 in a mass race consisting of three rounds. Before being able to access the challenge, however, players need to reach a level of 20 stars. Only one player will be able to win the branded bike, but Ubisoft is handing out up to 100 Riders Republic Gold Editions.

Riders Republic launches on October 28 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna. The title will feature crossplay on day one.