Ubisoft Reflections working on new IP, according to recruitment ads

The unannounced game will be set in a “living, breathing, reactive world.”

Image via Ubisoft Reflection

Ubisoft Reflections, the British studio behind the Driver and Watch Dogs series (among others), is advertising a number of job positions labeled “New IP.” The positions include gameplay programmers, a lead character artist, a lead concept artist, environment artists, narrative designers, a narrative director, a producer, and a tools programmer. All are pretty typical roles in triple-A game development and don’t give much away in terms of what kind of game this new IP might be.

There might be a few tiny clues in the job description for the narrative director, which specifies that the game will take place in a “living, breathing, reactive world” and that the game’s world lore team will be “researching history, locations, and events to develop the game’s narrative vision and underlying themes.” This implies some kind of open-world game, which is no surprise coming from Ubisoft, and that the game’s setting will be the real world, possibly even something historical.

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Some of the positions are at Reflections’ headquarters in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, while others are at sister studio Ubisoft Leamington in Leamington Spa. It seems likely that the project is being led by Reflections with support from Ubisoft Leamington, and that for some roles, candidates will be able to choose which studio to work at.

Whatever this project is, it’ll be developed alongside Assassin’s Creed VR, which Ubisoft Reflections is also handling. The studio has a strong track record of creating new IPs. Apart from the aforementioned Driver and Watch Dogs franchises, it also created retro classics Shadow of the Beast and Destruction Derby.