Ubisoft showcases Rainbow Six Siege Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare’s new Operator and upcoming changes

Sens is the first non-binary Operator to be added to the roster.


Image via Ubisoft

Today, Ubisoft officially revealed Year 7 Season 2 for Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Vector Glare. The fresh season adds a new Attacker to the Operator roster, Sens, the first non-binary Operator in the game. This season Ubisoft will also be adding a new team deathmatch map and making a few more changes to the overall experience.

The most exciting news about Operation Vector Glare is Sens. They’re an Attacker with an incredible gadget that will fundamentally change the way matches play out. Their ROU Projector (Rolling Obstructive Utility) is a small device that drives forward while dropping tiny projectors that fire bright light into the air. This creates a wall of light that neither side can see through, though Operators can still pass through it. This gadget adds a new layer of tactics to every situation and opens up many viable strategies for completing objectives.

The other big news from the upcoming season is a new map for team deathmatch mode, Close Quarters. The map has been built to feel claustrophobic and force players to encounter each other quickly and without being able to prepare traps using gadgets. As a result, it looks much more like a traditional first person shooter’s map rather than the maps you see in Bomb Disposal mode.

In addition to these changes, Ubisoft revealed that it would be adding a shooting range to Rainbow Six Siege, allowing players to test out every weapon and Operator to gauge damage and recoil. In addition, match Replay will be available on consoles for the first time, saving up to two hours of gameplay for players to use how they choose, and more accessibility options, specifically for camera shake, are coming to the game too. You can read more about the granular changes coming in Operation Vector Glare in our preview.

Finally, Ubisoft is changing how new Operators interact with the Rainbow Six Siege eSports scene with this season. Until today, new Operators have had a three-month cooldown period to allow all pros to get used to them before they’re entered into the roster in eSports tournaments. Now, all new Operators will be part of every eSports tournament from the day a new season is released, meaning Sens could be part of the next big match.

Players can try out all the new changes and new Operator Sens on the Rainbow Six Siege Labe Test Server from May 24, with the full launch of Y7S2 Operation Vector Glare on June 7.