How to play on the Rainbow Six Siege Lab Test Server

Try out everything coming to the main game early.


Image via Ubisoft

The Rainbow Six Siege Lab Test Server is a test server with a difference. While it does allow you to try out balance changes and updates, such as new Operators, before they go live in the main game, this server gives you more. Ubisoft is using it to showcase and playtest new, experimental game modes developed for fans and need feedback. This guide explains how to access the Rainbow Six Siege Lab Test Server so you can try out everything Ubisoft has to offer.

Step 1: Own Rainbow Six Siege on PC

The only way to access the Rainbow Six Siege Lab Test Server is on PC. If you own the game elsewhere, then you’ll need to buy a new copy or try to gain access through Ubisoft’s PC subscription service.

Step 2: Download the Lab Test Server

Within the Ubisoft Connect launcher, you’ll find Rainbow Six Siege as an option where you can play the game. However, you can also select the Lab Test Server from the dropdown menu for the game within Ubisoft Connect. This is a different version of the game, so you’ll need a lot of space on your hard drive to download it in addition to the base game.

Step 3: Play on the Lab Test Server

To play on the Lab Test Server, you need to scroll to Rainbow Six Siege and select the Test Server from the dropdown menu. When you click the play button, you’ll now launch into the Test Server instead of the main game, meaning you’ll be able to access everything available at the time. For example, during Year 6 Season 4, a team deathmatch mode called Warm-Up Playlist was tested, something fans had been requesting for a while. Check the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account to find out when new content is going live on the Test Lab Server.