Ubisoft studio still developing Avatar game, despite taking on new Star Wars project

There’s room for more than just one blockbuster.

Image via Ubisoft

With the announcement of an incoming Star Wars game, Ubisoft studio Massive Entertainment is clearing the air as to what this may do to its open-world Avatar title. According to managing director David Polfeldt, its development will go undisturbed by the new, ambitious project.

“We have been preparing the studio for a long time to handle all our projects with equal attention and love,” Polfeldt reasoned in a recent Ubisoft post. As constructing two major licensed games simultaneously is a valid cause for concern, he insisted that each team working on the same engine equates to “each other’s progress and success.”

The Pandora-based title was first announced way back in February 2017, but has faced a share of delays – one recently due to the ongoing pandemic. Although little else is known of its existence, the developer intends for this Avatar game to release sometime next year.

Before taking on projects based on blockbuster movie franchises, Massive previously molded both entries in the Tom Clancy’s The Division series. It also aided Ubisoft Montreal with Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, so it’s surely well-versed in crafting beloved open-worlds.