Ubisoft’s first-person shooter BattleCat combines multiple Tom Clancy franchises

The game won’t be part of this week’s Ubisoft Forward.

Image via Ubisoft

A new multiplayer PvP title currently in development with Ubisoft has been leaked. Codenamed BattleCat, the game is a crossover between Splinter Cell, The Division, and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. This leak comes from Zer0Bytes on Twitter, who even managed to grab some images from the upcoming game.

Zer0Bytes’ post claims that BattleCat will offer you the chance to play as characters from each of these three franchises. In the screenshots shared with the post, it’s possible to see Echelon members from Splinter Cell, Wolves from Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and Cleaners and Outcasts from The Division.

According to VGC, the game won’t be featured at Ubisoft’s upcoming Ubisoft Forward. It’s still in the early stages of development, so there’s probably little more than these images to show for now.

Each class will have its own set of abilities. In the images, it’s possible to see that the Wolves will use enhanced armor, while Cleaners have a napalm turret. There are also ultimate abilities. The Outcasts, for example, can use Divine Intervention to prevent allies from dying for a limited time.


These images also include details of game modes. The first, Escort, sees one team escort a package to a location while the other team attempts to stop them. This mode should be familiar to any Overwatch players. The second mode is called Ringleader and requires you to collect rings from fallen enemies. This one sounds the same as any deathmatch mode with a collectible point mechanic seen across dozens of franchises, including Halo and Unreal Tournament.

The Division Heartland and Rainbow Six Quarantine have been confirmed or reconfirmed by Ubisoft this year. The company is expected to show a lot during its Ubisoft Forward event this weekend, though it’s unlikely it’ll mention BattleCat.