A new PlayStation 5 advert might have just teased a new Uncharted game

A new Uncharted starring Nathan Drake’s daughter could be on the way.

Image via Naughty Dog

A new promotional video for upcoming PlayStation 5 video games featured a clip from an unknown title, which people are speculating is the next entry in the Uncharted series. While there is currently no confirmation of a continuation of the Uncharted franchise, it seems to be a given that it will return someday, even if that means leaving its protagonist behind.

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The clip appears in the “Live from PS5” promo video currently available on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, which features a mixture of live-action and CGI clips, all in the style of a fake news broadcast. It should be mentioned that this video is also the source of the mysterious live-action Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 clip that recently appeared online. What makes this video so interesting is a clip from an unidentified game at 0:43, showing a girl holding a torch as she explores a cave.

Fans have tried to identify the source of this clip, but it doesn’t appear to match any known PS5 game. This has led to speculation that the clip is the first appearance of a new Uncharted game, which is either a new mainline entry that follows Cassie Drake, the daughter of Nathan Drake, or a spin-off that follows a new character in the same vein as Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Developer Naughty Dog has been clear that Nathan Drake’s time in the spotlight is over but that there could be more Uncharted games in the future. While this new clip is brief and its contents ambiguous, it does seem to match the style of the Uncharted games and could very well be a brief tease for the franchise’s PS5 debut. If Sony is dropping hints about the game, it must be nearly ready to be officially unveiled to the public, which will likely happen in the next State of Play event.