Undertale Creator Reveals Unused Sans Scene For Speedrunners

Undertale creator Toby Fox has recreated a cut scene that was intended for speedrunners to discover, but was ultimately scrapped.

Image Via Undertale Official YouTube

Undertale creator Toby Fox has explained the meaning behind a piece of cut content in the game, as Sans was originally going to have a special scene intended for speedrunners. This would have been a comedic scene that likely would have infuriated people who were trying to finish the game as quickly as possible.

Undertale has a ton of unused content that fans have found over the years. This includes unused graphics of Sans eating ice cream, which can be seen on The Cutting Room Floor. On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be anything unusual about this sprite, as ice cream is sold all over the Underground. It would make sense for there to be a scene where Sans is seen eating ice cream but was cut due to time restraints or not fitting with any existing story moments.

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Toby Fox Had A Scene Planned For Undertale Involving Sans Eating Ice Cream

Fox has revealed the meaning behind the Sans ice cream sprite in the latest installment of the Undertale/Deltarune Newsletter. According to Fox, the intention was for this scene to be discovered by speedrunners, as when they reach The Last Corridor, Sans will be eating ice cream, as he’s not ready to face the player yet. The player then has to sit there while Sans slowly eats the ice cream as obnoxious music plays in the background. Fox recreated this scene and uploaded it to the Undertale official YouTube channel.

This isn’t the first time that Fox had intended for something silly to appear for players who finished Undertale quickly. Fox originally wanted an ending where the Annoying Dog would show up in a bikini. At the same time, Metroid-inspired music played in the background as a homage to the Metroid games that put Samus in a skimpy outfit if you finish the game quickly.

It’s worth noting that this scene likely wouldn’t have happened during a Genocide route, as it takes way too long to get on that path due to the player needing to kill every monster in each area. The lengthy battle with Undyne the Undying would also likely be too much for a speedrun. It’s more likely that this scene would happen during a Neutral route, where the player can maximize time by choosing between Mercy and killing enemies.

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A speedrun that gets slowed down by Sans slowly eating ice cream would have been a hilarious prank, but it would have discouraged people from speedrunning the game, so it’s smart that it got scrapped. Fox loves messing with people’s expectations, but sitting through Sans’ ice cream scene while fart noises play in the background might have been a step too far.