Valheim has sold another million copies in just five days

Another million Vikings for Odin!

Image via Steam

Valheim’s growth hasn’t just been explosive, it’s been nuclear. The early access survival-crafting title has become massively popular since launching on February 2, just over three weeks ago. In the time since launch, Valheim has been able to boast some impressive statistics. This past weekend the game had one of the highest concurrent player counts on Steam with over 500,000 users. And just five days ago, Valheim boasted a whopping 3 million copies sold. As it turns out, over the course of those five days another million users on Steam have bought Valheim, bringing its sales numbers to over 4 million. 

In a blog post revealing the milestone sales number, developer Iron Gate thanked its community and expressed its surprise. “When Valheim first hit Steam Early Access just three weeks ago, we hoped that all the hard work our small team put into the game these past three years would get the attention it deserved,” they said in the post. “Little did we know just how much Valheim would resonate with all four million of you.”

The post also revealed some extra interesting stats. For instance, Valheim has apparently been played for a total of 10,000 years worth of time, or over 3.5 million days. The game also has over 81,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews, landing it at number 57 on the list of best-reviewed games on Steam. 

As an early access title, the road ahead for Valheim is long and winding. For everyone that’s played the game so far, all 4 million of them, there are plenty of Viking adventures left to be had. There’s no word yet on what the next update for Valheim will include, but Iron Gate says it’s “motivated to deliver the Valheim you all deserve.”