Valorant reportedly coming to console as game files mention PS4

Riot Games FPS could be coming to console.

Valorant Refund

Image via Riot Games

According to its code, Valorant might be coming to mobile devices and console sooner rather than later. Twitter account Valorant Leaks has discovered mentions to iOS and Android releases, and perhaps most importantly, PS4.

Mobile references have been around for a while, and it was already known Riot Games might have had an interest in those platforms for the future.

With Valorant approaching its final release this summer, though, plans could be in place for a console version.

Among the new items that will be included in the 1.0 build, we’ll find a ranked mode, that will allow pro players to compete with each other, and more.

The game files only mention PlayStation 4, but it doesn’t look believable that it would come to just one console and not Xbox One as well – if not even Nintendo Switch along the way.

At the time being, Valorant is in a beta state on PC, with a minimal output of keys being delivered through streamers’ drops.

The chances that it could be coming to consoles have been long discussed, but the developer has yet to make a statement on that topic.