Valve is reviewing the entire Steam library to see how compatible every game is on the Steam Deck

Every title will be categorized into four groups to see how well they work on the Deck.

Steam Deck

Image via Valve

Valve revealed that it will be going over the entire Steam library to see the compatibility for every game on the Steam Deck. The Deck is a handheld device that allows owners to play games from Steam, similar to how the Switch can be used as a portable gaming console.

The hardware for the Steam Deck will not be as powerful as a top-end PC, so certain games will not work as well as they do on some desktops. Steam users will be able to see Steam Deck compatibility details for every game. To figure out which games would work best with the Deck, Valve will be categorizing every game in the Steam library into four groups — Verified, Playable, Unsupported, and Unknown.

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Verified means that the game will work great out of the box with the Deck. Playable is when the game may require some manual tweaking to work on the Deck. Unsupported is when the game cannot function on the Deck. And Unknown is when the game has yet to be checked for compatibility.

For a game to be classified as Verified it needs to check four “boxes” that Valve has set up. The first box is Input, meaning it has full controller support. The second box is Display, which means that the game supports the default resolution for the Deck, which is 1280×800 or 1280×720, and it has legible text. The third box is Seamlessness; the game will not display any compatibility warnings. The final box is System Support, which means it runs Proton and has anti-cheat support.