Vampire Survivors swarms onto mobile phones with surprise iOS and Android releases

The surprise casual hit is moving to mobile platforms.

Image via poncle

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Vampire Survivors has gained popularity since it was released in Early Access on Steam. With a steady flow of updates and addicting gameplay, it has captured players who have been working to uncover its secrets. Since leaving Early Access in October 2022, Vampire Survivors remains a simple, yet addictive experience with lots to do.

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To bring the experience to a wider variety of players, Vampire Survivors is now available on iOS and Android. Bring the roguelite survival experience on the go and use the touch screen to survive against hordes of enemies. Unlike the PC version, the mobile versions of Vampire Survivors are free, allowing you to dive into the game straight away.

Both mobile versions include the complete game, with all secrets and unlocks made available to you. Nothing is hidden behind a paywall, meaning the full experience is there from the start. There is no option to transfer or copy progress over, which means you will have to start from the beginning if you are an experienced player. The game initially starts in the Portrait Orientation, but you can switch this to Landscape Left/Right in the Options menu.

You will use the touchscreen to move around, though your mobile device will affect how well the game runs. Whether you play in Portrait or Landscape mode, you will have the same experience of moving around while trying to survive against hordes of enemies. The soundtrack is the same and there is no difference in the difficulty.

While starting over from scratch may not be appealing for players who have unlocked everything on the PC version, it’s a great way to re-experience the game as a beginner. If you haven’t played Vampire Survivors before and you didn’t want to pay, now is a great time to jump on board. With all the secrets available to uncover from the start, you can work your way through and spend hours on the game. There’s no word on whether the upcoming DLC will come out on mobile as well, but everyone should have time to experience the game first, then catch up later.