Viral Pokémon Go Community Letter Pleads Niantic To Listen To Players

Pokémon Go players to Niantic: Acknowledge Us

Image via Niantic

It has been a tough week to be a Pokémon Go player these past few days. After players have been attempting to get Niantic to listen to them about multiple game changes, the recent Remote Raid Pass price increases were the final straw for multiple players, and a new hashtag, #HearUsNiantic, is being shared.

In the wake of these Remote Raid Pass changes and continually feeling ignored, an emotional Community Letter is being shared in the hopes that Niantic finally listens to the larger community and takes positive action in favor of the players.

Pokémon Go Community letter calls for action from Niantic

The PokeMiners Twitter page shared the letter. It’s a two-page letter breaking down Niantic’s many changes to the game over the past few months. It is a direct response to the April 6 Remote Raid Pass update, where players can expect a price increase in all Remote Raid Pass bundles and a decrease in Premium Raid Passes.

The letter shares that these upcoming changes make the Pokémon Go Community “as a whole, feel unheard. Time and time again, our questions go unanswered; Our concerns are not addressed; And most importantly, our needs are not taken into proper consideration.”

When these changes happen on April 6, the letter cites that these updates will harm rural players, trainers with disabilities, those with severe social anxiety, those who work night shifts and can’t play during the day, and single parents.

The team behind the letter offered solutions outside these price changes, such as in-person raids giving guaranteed XL Rare Candy, increased lucky friend odds, and premium item rewards like incubators and star pieces. Essentially, the team asks that Niantic continue incentivizing players to interact with in-person rewards but not to remove the option of Remote Raiding for those who don’t have the luxury.

The letter closes with, “We, as a global community, did not want the remote raid issue to come to this point, but as already mentioned, we are not heard. We are sad, distraught, and discouraged because our interactions with our global friends will no longer be free to accommodate for every type of Global Pokémon Go Trainer. Please, for the second time, #HearUsNiantic.”

This is a challenging time for the Pokémon Go Community. Niantic must decide to step up and listen to their players or risk damaging their strained relationship. Unfortunately, Niantic has yet to offer a candid response to the Pokémon Go Community regarding the Remote Raid Pass changes, but we’d like to think the development team is working on one as the outcries continue.