Pokémon Go Increases Max Storage Limits Among Remote Raid Pass Controversy

Do players want more Pokémon storage, or more ways to play the game as a global community?

Image via Niantic

Keeping track of Pokémon in Pokémon Go is not easy. There’s always a new Pokémon to catch for a particular event or a new Pokémon added to the game that players will want to track down. When the development team announces an increase to their maximum storage, players are typically relieved they can stop picking and choosing what Pokémon to keep.

However, the announcement of the latest maximum storage increase is highly ill-timed. The Niantic team revealed that players could choose to purchase a max storage increase for their account days after raising the price for Remote Raid Passes, with much of the community calling for a response.

Pokémon Go presents a Max Storage purchase, continuing to ignore Remote Raid Pass problems

The Max Storage increase offer was promoted on the official Pokémon Go Twitter page shortly after the Spring into Spring 2023 event kicked off in New Zealand. This increase will bring the total up to 50, giving players additional slots if they choose to make this purchase.

The announcement of this purchase was likely the team attempting to time it with the arrival of new costumed Pokémon, notably a costumed Eevee with cherry blossoms that can evolve into any favorite evolutions.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of the Remote Raid Pass announcement remains a fresh wound in the Pokémon Go community. These items were a community favorite, allowing many to tackle some of the most challenging encounters in the game, especially if they could not participate in them because of not having a local group or living in a rural location without Gyms.

Despite having an active social media presence on their Pokémon Go page, Niantic remains silent following the community reaction. Players are fed up with feeling ignored and the many negative choices the development team continues to make that do not favor them, advocating boycotts on the mobile game until changes are made.

Hopefully, Niantic can respond appropriately to the community in due time. However, the team has been slowly moving away from Remote Raid Passes for several months since their inception, peeling them away from Community Day raids and making them unavailable during Elite Raids. For now, players will have to continue to share their voices, as they’re driven by love for the game.