Warframe fans are getting another chance to experience the major TennoCon 2021 reveals

Another chance to experience greatness.

Image via Digital Extremes

TennoCon 2021 was a huge success for Warframe developer Digital Extremes. The event smashed all the Twitch and Steam records for Warframe, with more people than ever witnessing the surprise reveals that are such a huge part of the event.

Unfortunately, due to the huge volume of people in-game at the time, some folks were left out in the cold, and not everyone got to witness the reveals. Well, good news, Tenno, as Digital Extremes really want you to be able to experience what you missed out on at TennoCon.

In a live stream on Friday, August 27 at 2 PM ET, players will get to see the Prime version of Nidus, one of the most hotly anticipated Primes in the game. There are quite a few Tenno who have been sitting on their Umbra Formas, waiting for this release.

Viewers who watch the event will also have the opportunity to experience a rerun of TennoCon 2021’s wildly popular narrative relay event on all platforms. This stress test rerun will take viewers on a guided immersive flashback at some of the players’ most momentous and shocking plot moments from Warframe’s history, as well as a look back inside the fabled Zariman Ten Zero.

Players will also get full details about the return of Operation Plague Star, one of the game’s most important events. Operation Plague Star gives players the chance to earn components for powerful weapons, and this time will feature a new weapon that will be revealed during the stream.