Warframe makes welcome changes to Regal Aya after fan backlash

You spoke, they listened.

Image via Digital Extremes

Digital Extremes latest addition to Warframe was designed to make it easier for players to get rare items, known as Primes. To prepare for the upcoming New War expansion, the developers want players to be able to access otherwise rare items, and so the Prime Resurgence event was introduced.

Central to the event is a new premium currency called Regal Aya that players can use to instantly get access to the Prime gear that they want. Where issues arose is that this currency is replacing the older system called Unvaulting Packs that would contain prime gear, rare cosmetics, and the game’s original premium currency, Platinum. Platinum can also be earned in the game by selling items to other players, and without the Platinum being included in the Regal Aya pack, players were noticing a distinct lack of value to the Regal Aya packs.

After much mumbling within the community, Digital Extremes have now changed the Regal Aya packs to include different values of Platinum based on their price. 3 Regal Aya comes with 200 Platinum, 7 Regal Aya comes with 400 Platinum, and 15 Regal Aya comes with 1200 Platinum.

One of the more interesting things that we can pick up from this is that Digital Extremes seems to feel that Regal Aya is the future of the game with regard to purchasing Primes, and it is likely that the older Prime Access system might be a thing of the past.

For those who have already purchased Regal Aya packs since the start of the event, those players will retroactively receive the relevant amounts of Platinum over the coming days.