Watch Dogs: Legion ScriptHook lets you spawn buses, drones, clip through buildings, and more

Clip inside Big Ben or spawn hundreds of scooters in Piccadilly Circus.

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Image via Ubisoft

Nomad Group has officially announced the release date for Watch Dogs: Legion ScriptHook. This tool allows players to do anything they want in the game, from creating their own custom experience to exploring hidden secrets within the game world.

Watch Dogs: Legion ScriptHook is more than a modding tool — it’s a script editor created in cooperation with Ubisoft. Nomad Group aided the creators in putting together an interesting application that any PC user can pick up and begin using without any prior knowledge.

The tool has a built-in trainer that lets players experience the dystopian vision of futuristic London in an entirely new light. Anyone can pick Watch Dogs: Legion ScriptHook up from Nomad Group from April 14. It’s currently possible to sign up to be a beta tester for the tool to help shape the features in the final release.

This tool has a plethora of tools that are all based on editing the game’s scripts. You can spawn any item in the game, change the license plates on every vehicle, edit the day/night cycle, fill the sky with drones, and so much more. Nomad Group previously released a similar tool for Watch Dogs 2. With an official script editor like this, players can uncover hidden secrets within the game world without creating a specific no clip camera from scratch.

While the intention behind Watch Dogs: Legion ScriptHook appears to be to allow players to create custom experiences, secret hunters and content creators will almost certainly use it to test out several previously impossible scenarios. For example: what happens when players skip a key part of the story, or how do 100 drones react to 100 DedSec agents? As more content releases for the game over 2021, this tool will only become more enticing.