Winter Express Limited-Time Mode gets brand-new fifth station, Derailment, in Apex Legends

No more long sections of empty track: station number five is in the perfect spot.

Derailment Station

The Holo-Day Bash is back, and with that, comes the return of the Winter Express. Though this year, there are a few changes to the beloved Limited-Time Mode. One, is the addition of supply ships, and two is a brand-new station. Veteran Apex Legends players know that Winter Express has always had four stations, but this year a fifth station is joining the line-up.

Image via Respawn

Players will find station number five on the ‘dramatic’ (as the developers call it) curve not too far from Refinery. The new station is called Derailment and features a speeding train that skidded off the track and left a wreck. This station is exciting due to the fact that this splits up the longest spot of empty track in the game mode, allows for less wait times, and more constant action.

This new addition to the line-up will definitely make for some interesting new battle opportunities: so jump in, capture the train and earn some awesome rewards this holiday season.