World War Z: Aftermath Halloween update adds new zombie type, daily challenges, and lore

Daily challenges are finally available to play.


Screenshot by Gamepur

World War Z: Aftermath has just received a Halloween update packed with new features to give you a reason to get back into the game. The long-awaited daily challenges are now finally in the game, in addition to new collectibles and even a new zombie type.

Daily challenges were promised before World War Z: Aftermath launched, but until now they’ve been missing. The update revamps the campaign menu to add a new challenge mode menu. From now on, you’ll be able to take part in the weekly challenge and one of three daily challenge maps. The daily challenges appear to reset every day, meaning you’ll have a wide range of challenges to burn through with unique modifiers.

The new zombie type is called the Booster and has been added to every mission in the game. The Booster enhances every zombie around it, making for a much tougher fight regardless of where you are in the world and what type of zombie you’re fighting.

Finally, the update adds a new type of collectible to the game, Documents. Each city in the game has between three and four Documents for you to find, but you’ll only collect them if you pick them up and finish a mission with them in hand, adding a new layer of challenge.

While this update brings lots of new content for World War Z fans to enjoy, it still doesn’t add the last new feature outlined for the Aftermatch expansion: Horde Mode XL. Hopefully, that’s somewhere close on the horizon.