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WWE 2K23 teases post-launch DLC content with The Bad News Paper

What's this clue for WWE 2K23?

Even though we are still a few weeks away from WWE 2K23, it’s not too early to talk about post-content DLC. The folks over 2K have begun to tease what’s ahead in the franchise, through “The Bad News Paper.” It may not be an actual paper, but it does come with clues about what could be coming in the weeks and months after the release of 2K23.

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On today’s 2K Showdown content stream on the 2K Twitch channel, the WWE 2K team continued to tease content for the latest release of the franchise. In that stream, 2K highlighted the renders of a number of wrestlers in this year’s game, including pre-order special Bad Bunny, Karrion Kross, and the Judgement Day.

On top of that, the WWE 2K team released a special QR code to tease post-release content. When re-directed from the code, it leads to a picture that’s dubbed “The Bad News Paper.”

This serves as a series of clues, regarding which content and wrestlers will be a part of the DLC for WWE 2K23. We haven’t received official confirmation from 2K regarding the DLC, but there are a couple of interesting things about this image.

For one, the name “The Bad News Paper” could be an indication that commentator and former wrestler Wade Barrett could be in the game. The image also includes pictures of the Diamond Mine logo and the old Divas championship. There’s also an image of a rabbit and a credit card on the paper, as well.

Additionally, the words “Nathan Frazier,” “Chase,” and “Harley” are also on the image. The latter is interesting, especially if it’s a harbinger that legendary wrestler Harley Race is set to be included. Hopefully, as we get closer to release, the developers will give us more concrete info.

WWE 2K23 will be released worldwide on March 17.

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