When is the release date of WWE 2K23?

Time to grapple in a new ring?

Image via 2K

Wrestling fans had to wait a bit after the chaotic release of WWE 2K20 by 2K and Visual Concepts. 2K shuttered the franchise for quite a while, but the publisher and developer took that time to rework the series. WWE 2K22 was the first release of the series since that much-maligned game, but now it’s time to look ahead to the future. WWE 2K23 may very well be on the horizon, but do we have a release date? Let’s go over what you need to know.

When is the release date of WWE 2K23?

Traditionally, WWE and 2K have released the yearly WWE 2K game during the Q4 (September to December) period. That was the case for many years, dating back to WWE’s partnership with THQ and Yuke’s. However, things changed after the franchise was put on a temporary hiatus after WWE 2K20.

2K took over two years to reboot the franchise, as Visual Concepts cleaned up the franchise’s core gameplay engine and added in new modes like MyGM and MyFaction. When the next game — WWE 2K22 — was released to the general public, it came out in March 2022. This was a change of direction from prior releases, but the date did align nicely with WWE’s annual WrestleMania event.

This window will stay intact for 2023, as confirmed by 2K in January 2023. On January 22, 2K released first information regarding WWE 2K23. In addition to announcing new features and the confirmation of John Cena as the cover star, 2K confirmed that WWE 2K23 will be released on March 17. Those who order the Deluxe and Icon editions will receive early access beginning on March 14.

2023 is expected to be an exciting year for wrestling fans who also love to play games. In addition to the spring release of WWE 2K23, AEW and THQ will be releasing AEW Fight Forever in 2023.