WWE official Adam Pearce approves a fan-created WWE23 version of… himself

It is official.

Screenshot by Gamepur

WWE is nothing without the superstars that duke it out in the squared circle twice a week on live television. There are also those who work behind the scenes that make sure the wrestlers first get to the ring each fight. Without producers such as WWE official Adam Pearce, fights just wouldn’t happen. It’s pointedly clear if you watch one show of Raw or Smackdown. At one point in the night, he’ll appear on screen to make a match official, and now he’s making an appearance in WWE 2K23.

In 2K23 you can choose from wrestlers on the roster, unlock them, or create your own in what’s referred to as create-a-wrester or CAW for short. With the game being in early access for those who purchased the Icon and Deluxe Editions, players have already created their own wrestlers. One of those just happens to be WWE official Adam Pearce. So, it’s done, official Adam Pearce is officially in WWE 2K23.

The Adam Pearce CAW was created by WhatsTheStatus on Twitter. After posting the Community Creation online, it didn’t take long for WWE official Adam Pearce to take notice. He acknowledged the post as if it were the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns himself, by saying his catchphrase “it is official.”

The phrase is used by Pearce whenever he makes a wrestling match official. Here’s how things usually go down. One superstar will ask or demand a fight in the ring and Pearce will respond by either saying he’ll find someone and make it official right then, or he’ll decline their request but ultimately accept later after building suspense and anticipation. In the end, it all usually ends with Pearce shouting it is official. It’s surprising there’s no T-shirt yet with the phrase on it.

Players can download the WWE official Adam Pearce CAW through the Community Creations section of WWE 2K23.