Xbox backwards compatibility program adds over 70 games including Max Payne and Fear trilogies

Enjoy even more legacy titles.

Image via Xbox

As part of today’s Xbox 20th Anniversary Celebration livestream, numerous titles were announced to be coming to the Xbox backwards compatibility program, along with some FPS Boost surprises. As of today, Xbox Series X/S owners can enjoy over 70 additional titles ranging from smaller cult classics to more mainstream hits. Of particular note, the entirety of the Max Payne and Fear trilogies are now playable on a modern Xbox console for the first time.

Other noteworthy additions include shooters like Timesplitters and its sequel, along with franchises with a heavy Xbox association, such as the entire Dead or Alive franchise. As of today, every Dead or Alive game from the very first up until Dead or Alive 6 is playable through backwards compatibility. Otogi and Otogi 2 are other standout titles that may pique the interest of modern gamers that may not have heard of them. These action games were developed by From Software, the progenitors of the Soulsborne formula.

As part of this backwards compatibility update, nearly 40 titles have added FPS Boost support. This includes Fear and Fear 3, as well as existing games within the library such as the entire Gears of War series up to Ultimate Edition.

Xbox backwards compatibility was first introduced in 2015 with a limited selection of Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles. In the six years since, the library has been growing over time. FPS Boost was introduced to Xbox Series X/S earlier this year, allowing for games to double or even quadruple original framerate targets in some cases without developer intervention. The programming side of things is handled by the Xbox backwards compatibility team.