Xbox Games Showcase is 1-hour long, streams at 1080p

Focusing just on games.

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Microsoft has shared more details about the incoming Xbox Games Showcase, which is set to reveal a rush of Xbox Series X titles. While the stream is said to be focusing on first-party productions, rumors also claim it’ll feature games from third parties alongside them.

Some details reveal how long the showcase will be and at what resolution and frame rate it will be live-streamed.

Aaron Greenberg, General Manager at Xbox Games Marketing, revealed via Xbox Wire that the Xbox Games Showcase will be live-streamed at 1080p and 60fps.”Immediately after” the show, players will get a chance to watch the VoD version of those trailers and gameplay videos on YouTube at 4K.

This is a similar solution to June’s PlayStation 5 reveal event and, considering COVID-19 restrictions and bandwidth restraints, this is not a surprise.

Greenberg added via Twitter that the show will be “about hour-long” and will be “focused on games.”

Microsoft won’t talk about “business, devices, or similar news, just games,” which means Xbox Lockhart nor prices and release dates for both the Xbox Series X or S will be revealed on this occasion.

As for what people can expect from the show, “we’ll be giving you a closer look at the future of gaming with the Xbox Games Showcase, including world premieres and updated looks at some of the games we’ve already revealed,” said the marketing GM on Xbox Wire.

“And yes, that includes your first-ever look at campaign gameplay from Halo Infinite,” he confirmed.

Among the unannounced games that should be at the event, there’s a chance we’ll get a first look at the debut game from first-party studio The Initiative.

Xbox Games Showcase airs on Thursday, July 23 at 9 a.m. PT.