Xbox Lockhart Reportedly “Shelved”


Before E3 2019, Project Scarlett has been rumored to be coming in two different models, one more powerful and the other a less specced to be a next-gen ticket for people willing to invest a little less money on gaming.

However, as you can see, at this year’s E3, only one console has been revealed, loosely called Project Scarlett. Our idea was that Microsoft could be waiting for a second moment to announce that platform, to avoid some confusion in gamers.

Anyway, there’s a chance that Xbox Lockhart, this is the name of the platform which we’ve known for a while back in the pre-E3 days, the less specced model might have been canceled to leave enough room to the main version.

“It’s starting to look like the weaker version of Microsoft’s next-gen console code name Lockhardt has possibly been shelved,” said insider Benji-Sales on Twitter. The guy has been in the middle of rumors for a while now and has a good track record.

“To be clear, I do not know firsthand if Lockhardt is indeed canceled. This is just the rumblings that are going around. It very well still could exist. However, Phil himself seemed to indicate this as well at E3. He said next-gen ‘console’ whereas at E3 2018 he said ‘consoles.’

Project Scarlett has been announced at E3 2019, and it’s just one console at the time being. It’s releasing at E3 2020.