Xbox Series S could be “the best selling next-gen Xbox,” says Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon

It’s both “high end and affordable.”

Xbox Series S - release date, price, features, games, specs, and more

Xbox Series S could be “the best selling next-gen Xbox,” according to Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon.

Xbox Series S was officially announced last week, and it is set to be the cheapest next-gen console when it releases on November 10, 2020. The console is reaching stores at an impressive $299 price tag, which is $200 less expensive than Xbox Series X.

Sony is expected to reveal PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition prices later this week, but should not manage to have such a good price due to both consoles providing the same performance.

Boon believes that Xbox Series S will be the best selling Xbox this generation, “just like the lower-priced iPhones (11 & SE) are the best sellers.” “High end & affordable line = Microsoft came to play,” he added, appreciating what Xbox has been doing in preparation for this generation.

Both Series S and Series X will be available as standalone purchases or via the Xbox All Access subscription program, making them even more accessible. While equipped with the same CPU, Series S hardware is tailored for 1440p and up to 120fps performance. This is the core difference with the higher specced model, aiming for 4K resolution right away.

Backwards compatibility is also said to be working slightly differently, with Series S running previous gens’ games at the Xbox One S mode instead of Xbox One X enhanced performance.