Xbox Series X will have “enough units” at launch

Microsoft is not concerned.

Next-Gen Won't Be a "Head-to-Head Bout" Between Xbox Series X and PS5, Says Microsoft

Microsoft’s EVP at gaming Phil Spencer has confirmed that Xbox Series X is “on track” for a Holiday 2020 release and provided more details about how the company is going to handle the launch.

During a podcast with former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé, Spencer has shared that the platform owner believes it will have “enough units” out when the console finally reaches the store shelves.

PS5 is probably facing more problems on the production side, as a recent report from Bloomberg stated it would get a “limited output” at launch.

“We’ve had to work through some challenges,” the Xbox executive has quite frankly admitted, “but [we] feel good about timelines, feel really good about this holiday.”

“Our supply chain, we feel good about. The hardware side, it feels like we’ll be able to get enough units,” Spencer added.

Spencer has never made a mystery that the real issue with the incoming next-gen could be games, not the hardware itself when it comes to COVID-19 concerns, and among the games currently in danger, there’s Halo Infinite, which was promised to ship alongside Xbox Series X in the Holiday 2020 window.

However, it was also mentioned in the recent past, even in a scenario where the next Halo gets delayed, Xbox Series X is not planning to skip that window.