Xbox Series X won’t come with a HDMI sticker

Phil Spencer confirms.

Xbox Series X

Phil Spencer has revealed that Xbox Series X won’t come with an HDMI sticker when it releases later this Holiday season. Windows Central’s Jez Corden reported on Twitter, YouTuber Robeytech, had shared the news that the console would be released complete with the HDMI sticker.

However, the head of Xbox chimed in the discussion to let Twitter users know that actually Xbox Series X is set not to have that sticker on it.

The HDMI sticker is a kind of a joke on social networks, as there are different “teams” involving people who don’t remove it from their consoles and others who get rid of it as soon as they purchase them.

From the looks of it, Spencer is with the team no sticker as he claimed that the next-gen Xbox won’t be coming with one of those.

From the tweet above, you can see how the console would be with one of those HDMI stickers, and that would definitely not look good on the minimal design Microsoft worked on for its newest platform.

Microsoft is also rumored to be revealing a second model of next-gen Xbox codenamed Lockhart soon, and that would be less powerful and reportedly much cheaper than the Series X.

While it was thought there would be an event in June, the company has only formally announced a single event in July where it’ll showcase first-party next-gen productions.