Xbox Series X is as quiet as Xbox One X, “with a lot more power”

Phil Spencer on the experience of bringing the next-gen console home.

Xbox Series X

Image via Microsoft

Xbox Series X will be as quiet as Xbox One X, according to Microsoft’s Executive Vice President at gaming Phil Spencer, who already has a unit of the next-generation console at home.

Discussing the matter at the latest Animal Talking Twitch show hosted by Gary Whitta, Spencer confirmed that users won’t even notice the Xbox Series X is on when they’ll get to play their games.

This has been a crucial topic throughout the current generation. PS4 and PS4 Pro have had issues handling heat and fan noises, which Sony has also promised to get rid of in time for the release of PlayStation 5.

The head of Xbox has confirmed that he has “brought it home and opened it up. I want to have that same experience that people will have at home,” so he definitely has Xbox Series X at home, not just a pre-release kit anymore.

“I put the batteries in the controller, everything is just as somebody will buy it in a retail store. There’s nothing debug or employee about it,” Spencer added. During the show, he also addressed the delay of Halo Infinite, and chances it could have had split releases between single-player and multiplayer modes.

According to Spencer, once installed as early as November, players should not notice a single difference compared to Xbox One X, at least until we get to talk about power.

“When I put the Series X in place of my One X, there was no more noise than what I saw with the One X and a lot more power,” he said.

“You literally just plug it in, right in place, and get such a big upgrade. All my games are working, and it sounds just like my Xbox One X did, with a lot more power”.

This is not casual, of course, as Microsoft “built a form followed function design for our console so that we could draw a lot of air with a big fan spinning a little bit slower, so we didn’t get those high-pitched, whining sounds that a console can normally make.”

Xbox Series X has an unusual design indeed, but at least it seems it made it so that Microsoft could achieve wins over fan noise and heat rather easily.