Leaked Xbox Series X controller images drop biggest hint yet over console’s official launch date

Is this when Xbox Series X will officially launch?

Leaked Xbox Series X controller images drop biggest hint yet over console's official launch date

Image via Microsoft

According to leaked images of the console’s controllers, Xbox Series X will launch in the first week of November.

In an Xbox Wire article, issued on August 11, Microsoft confirmed that its next-gen console would arrive in November, but declined to provide an exact release date.

The plans to unveil Xbox Series X’s official launch date appear to have now been scuppered, however, after images surfaced online that suggested it will launch on November 6.

Taking to the Xboxera forums, user Shpeshal Ed claims to have received an image that corresponds to the Xbox Series X controller warranty. The screenshot shows that its “Microsoft Limited Warranty” ends on November 5, 2021.

Microsoft’s Limited Warranty program covers buyers for a one-year period on each product that the company manufactures, which means the warranty would end on November 6, 2021, precisely 365 days after this possible launch date.

Shpeshal Ed’s leak was backed up by The Verge journalist Tom Warren, who also received an image that seemingly relates to Xbox Series X’s launch. Taking to Twitter, Warren posted a picture sent to him by a tipster of an alleged box of Xbox Series X controllers. The box’s label clearly states that it shouldn’t be opened until November 6, which tracks with the 12-month warranty plan image posted by Shpeshal Ed.

As we reported, images of other next-gen Xbox controllers have leaked over the past week, so it stands to reason that Microsoft has begun shipping its next-gen hardware ahead of an early November release. We also know that the revamped gamepad will have a share button.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we have official confirmation from Microsoft about Xbox Series X’s official release date.