You can earn the Foam Wrapped Bike in Riders Republic this week

This week’s Shackdaddy Challenges bring a lot to the table.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Shackdaddy Challenges in Riders Republic have been reset today in Riders Republic, bringing eight new bounties for you to tackle while exploring or ripping apart the slopes in your fancy new rides. The best reward from last week’s offering was the Surf Bike, but we have something that looks much safer this week.

As with last week, there are three items for everyone to earn through Shackdaddy Challenges in this week’s rotation. By far the most interesting of these is the Foam Wrapped Bike, a bike that looks like it’s just arrived out of the box. While the foam might protect your paintwork, it will do little to help you in a crash. The Foam Wrapped Bike is Epic in rarity, meaning its stats are likely quite good despite its ridiculous appearance. To unlock this bike, you need to buy and complete six Shackdaddy Challenges.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Epic Red Rabbit Backpack is also on offer, which you unlock by performing five unique stunts, and the Rare WS Yellow Helmet, which is unlocked by completing 30 events. Finally, of course, there’s also the usual offering of Stars for completing the other Challenges.

If you want to buy and complete every Shackdaddy Challenge this week, then you’ll need to spend 17,000 Bucks in total, which seems like a steep price to pay for a few Stars and some gear. The only item we believe we’ve seen in the shop rotation is the Red Rabbit, though even that was only available through premium currency, so this is a good chance to pick up all of these new items without spending a penny.