How to get the Surf Bike in Riders Republic

Don’t take this into the water.


Screenshot by Gamepur

There are loads of crazy rides called Funkies to pick up in Riders Republic. Some are scattered around the game world, while others are earned through career progression challenge completions or Sponsor Contracts. In this guide, we’ll cover how to unlock one of the most elusive Funkies in the game, the Surf Bike.

Screenshot by gamepur

Since Riders Republic launched, there has only been one way to earn the Surf Bike. It appeared as a Master Challenge reward for the Shackdaddy Challenge called Welcome to the Family. This Shackdaddy Challenge is unlocked alongside the first round of Shackdaddy events in the game. To complete it, you need to complete four Shackdaddy Challenges.

To complete Shackdaddy Challenges, you need to purchase access to them. Once you’ve done this, you can progress those challenges by doing whatever they require you to. This can range from completing events in Funkies and earning points with Funkies to completing Mass Events or completing Sponsor Contracts. For us, the toughest challenge required us to complete 18 Sponsor Contracts.

Once you complete Welcome to the Family, the Surf Bike will be awarded and added to your collection. It’s unknown if this is a challenge that will repeat every week in the game or whether it will return after a few weeks on some sort of rotation.

The Surf Bike is a pretty terrible ride, but that’s what makes it fun to use. Its rarity is Standard, and it has a rating of 40. This isn’t down to any single stat since all of them seem to be middling, though they don’t stand out compared to anything of a higher rarity.

Screenshot by Gamepur